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Up to 20x ROI. 10 Days.

Great ads perform for 10 days.
Poor ads just waste money.

The more you advertise, the more you face these problems:

  • Never enough creative
  • Creating variations is time consuming and expensive
  • Working with designers can be frustrating and slow
  • You never know what will work, and what will fall flat

The ReFUEL4 platform solves all of these and more.

We provide you with creatives across all formats for

Google Display Network

Get Creative Fast

Get new creatives in 72 hours.
Download them in one click.

Predict Performance

AI predicts performance with 87% accuracy.
Add more precision to A/B Testing.

Engage All Formats

Build creative stacks for multiple channels.
All done easily on a unified platform.

Customer Story

Hear from one of our fastest-growing customers
"The ReFUEL4 partnership has allowed us to test creatives at scale. With the tremendous help of their customer success team, we’re now producing 50 to 100 new creatives per week."
Johnny Chen
Director of User Acquisition

Lacking dedicated creative resources, Ever needed to generate high volumes of ad creatives to tackle ad fatigue.

Ever engaged ReFUEL4's global network of 10,000 designers and received creatives within 48 hours.

  • 60% increase in premium subscriber rate for Instagram users
  • Doubled the number of monthly installs acquired from Instagram
  • Maintained install volume and user quality from Facebook campaigns
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Customer Story

Hear from one of our fastest-growing customers
"Using ReFUEL4’s COR methodology, we achieved astonishing results. By only adjusting the volume of creatives we have running to our needs and avoiding ad fatigue, we cut our CPM down by 27%. Furthermore it helped us to get a 11% lower CPA."
Vinicius Alves
Paid Social Specialist

OLX Brasil wanted to acquire new listers at a lower cost.

OLX Brasil used ReFUEL4 to calculate the Creative Optimal Rate for their Facebook ad campaign. Benchmarking actual creative volume against the optimal number based on ReFUEL4’s data and insights, OLX Brasil were able to identify under-performing ads and paused about two-thirds of their existing ads, ensuring that at least one ad was running per ad set at a maximum of 7 ads.

  • CPM reduced by 27%
  • CPC reduced by 18%
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Customer Story

Hear from one of our fastest-growing customers
"We saw immediate results and improvements across our campaigns within a month. ReFUEL4 makes it so much easier to keep our creatives fresh and it has been an absolute pleasure collaborating with the team."
Julia Mak
Director of Marketing

Instamotor was experiencing rising CPM and CPI due to audience saturation and creative fatigue, as well as limited design resources to turnaround new creative for their Facebook campaigns.

Using automation, the ReFUEL4 platform replaced Instamotor’s underperforming ads to avoid wasted media budget.

  • Over 30% increase in mobile app installs
  • CPM reduced by 10%
  • CPI reduced by 6%
  • iOS targeted CTR increased by 40%
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Redesigning Creativity: A Data-Driven Approach

According to our data, a weak ad is on average 2.2 times less effective than a good one. This means advertisers who are running ineffective ads are wasting more than half their budgets.

Download this white paper to learn:

  • Tactics for Achieving Data-Driven Creativity
  • The Benefits of Data-Driven Creativity
  • Success Cases With Data-Driven Creative Ads
  • How to Adopt a Scientific Approach to Ad Creativity

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