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Riding the Waves of the Gig Economy

The employment market used to focus primarily on traditional 9 to 5 salaried jobs. That was the ultimate achievement for working adults. However, over the past few years, an increasing...

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The Travel Marketer’s Instagram Hack

More and more people are turning to sites like Instagram to get inspiration and information for their next big trip. With visually stunning images from around the globe, it’s the...

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13 Scary Good Halloween Campaigns

Halloween kickstarts the annual holiday shopping season frenzy with an estimated 171 million consumers expected to contribute to a projected retail spending of $8.4 billion in the US alone this...

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5 Great Video Tools for Windows You Must Try!

For video editing work, there is no all-in-one software program that suits all my needs. I use different softwares to achieve different tasks. There are different softwares for video conversion, master video editing, recoloring,...

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