Success Story: Instamotor

“We saw immediate results and improvements across our campaigns within a month. ReFUEL4 makes it so much easier to keep our creatives fresh and it has been an absolute pleasure collaborating with the team.”


– Julia Mak, Director of Marketing, Instamotor




Instamotor is a free and trusted community marketplace for used car buyers and sellers.
Using the Instamotor App and website, users can both list and browse cars, view a free vehicle history report, schedule test-drives, and transact securely.




Instamotor was experiencing audience saturation and creative fatigue for their Facebook campaigns. Cost per install was rising drastically and ad delivery stopped.


As a startup, they are also facing limited design resources and so trying to turn around new creatives frequently is often time consuming.




To increase app installs and reduce cost per install while maintaining consistency in ad delivery.




Scalable Creative Production

With access to ReFUEL4’s global pool of 10,000 designers, Instamotor received over 100 ad designs for selection. This was an 80% increase in daily creative volume.


Intelligent Creative Selection

Our proprietary AI-backed machine learning SHAKA Engine picked the top 50% of submitted ads and ranked each according to predicted ad performance. Instamotor was able to make informed creative choices through ReFUEL4’s predictive analysis feature.


Creative Testing

With sufficient creatives for campaign testing and optimization, Instamotor’s underperforming Facebook ads were automatically detected and swapped with new ones to maintain optimal campaign performance.


Creative Renewal

Designers were prompted to produce more ads whenever creative performance drop was detected. This allowed Instamotor’s campaign to continuously perform at an optimal rate.




– Over 30% increase in mobile app installs

– CPM reduced by 10%

– CPI reduced by 6%

– iOS targeted CTR increased by 40%

– Consistent ad delivery achieved


ReFUEL4 - Instamotor Case Study

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