5 Facebook Marketing Strategies to Use for a Jolly Holiday Season

The leaves are starting to change colors, which can only mean one thing — the holidays are just around the bend and people are starting to gear up for the hectic shopping season. If you run a retail business and want to ensure you maximize your business this holiday season, be sure to harness the power of online marketing.


People are turning to the Internet more than ever to make their holiday gift purchases. According to a report by Statista, Americans spent more than $56 billion dollars doing online shopping during the 2015 holiday season, and online sales during the holidays grew by nine percent from 2014 to 2015.


To appeal to customers doing their holiday shopping online, it makes sense to focus some of your holiday season marketing efforts on Facebook ads. After all, Facebook now has 1.71 billion active users, and the social networking giant is now the source of more than 25 percent of all social business referrals.


If you’re planning to launch your Facebook holiday marketing campaign in the near future, the following list can help. It contains five best practices that can help ensure your marketing efforts help you achieve the results you’re aiming for.


1. Swap Out Your Ads – Often

You may come up with an awesome online ad for your product, but if people see it too often, it will start to lose its effectiveness. According to our research, ad fatigue can start setting in as early as 3 days after a campaign is launched. This means that you should plan to swap out your ads often. A regular creative refresh will ensure that people don’t get sick of seeing your ads and helps you maintain optimal campaign performance.


2. Appeal to Emotions

When you’re creating holiday ads to run on Facebook, make sure you appeal to people’s emotions. The holidays are an extra sentimental time of the year and you can get people in the holiday spirit by creating ads that make consumers think of friends and family. Also, studies by experts at the University of Pennsylvania show that online content that evokes emotion is much more likely to go viral than content that does not.


3. Include Special Offers

When you design your Facebook ads for the holiday season, include special sales or deals in the ad – with a short shelf life. That way consumers are compelled make a purchase immediately or within a short amount of time.  Offering deals to customers also helps build loyalty and encourages them to choose your brand over a competitor.


4. Brand Your Page Accordingly

If you will be placing Facebook ads promoting holiday sales and products, make sure your Facebook page itself is in the holiday spirit as well. Consider sprucing up your header, profile picture and more in order to create a holiday vibe; that way, if people visit your Facebook page after seeing an ad, your brand will appear cohesive across all platforms.


5. Pay Attention to Special Spending Days

Throughout the holiday season, people shop and spend money. But there are days when a significantly larger number of people are shopping — Black Friday, Cyber Monday and more. Keep these in mind when planning your campaign themes, special offers and ad creatives.


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