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ReFUEL4 - Death by a Thousand Cuts

Death by a Thousand Cuts

I have always wanted to use the term ‘disintermediated’ in an article. Seems more scholarly than ‘cutting out the middle man’. We all know the everyday examples that are disrupting...

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ReFUEL4: The Future of Creativity is Math

The Future of Creativity Is Math

BBH founder Sir John Hegarty has often spoken (semi-controversially) against a data-driven approach to advertising, arguing that data creates nothing because he’s spent his whole life “dealing with people who’ve...

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Video: Tigerair’s Success Story

Tigerair achieved phenomenal results with a 8725% Return On Ad Spend, reducing Cost Per Acquisition by 87% and Cost Per Click by 45%.   Read the full article here, view the infographic...

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Tigerair Collage (blog) v2

Infographic: Tigerair’s Success Story

Read the full article here, watch the video here.     ABOUT REFUEL4 Winner of Facebook’s Innovation Spotlight Award for Creativity, ReFUEL4 is the world’s leading data-driven creative platform. We deliver ad designs from 10,000 global...

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Tigerair Blog Collage

Success Story: Tigerair

Established in 2004, Tigerair is Singapore’s largest no-frills airline that offers affordable travel options and a seamless customer experience. Tigerair operates flights to 41 destinations across Asia.   Goal: Tigerair’s past campaigns on...

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